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Espadrilles – Espa Sneakers. Men

About Fred Martin.


Handcrafted in a traditional factory in Elche (Spain), a city well known for its footwear industry where most of the luxury footwear in Spain is produced. Our Fred Martin shoes are handmade and hand stitched to increase durability and comfort, as well as to minimize the use of industrial machinery and ensure sustainability. We source our materials such as leather in Italy to bring you the best quality and the latest colors in the market.

Fred Martin was born with the mentality of suppressing everything that overloads a product to focus on letting quality talk by itself and show the world its designs under 3 premises we believe are essential when client receives the order: elegance, quality and comfort. With the main point of view based on exclusivity and taking advantage of the functionality and durability of our manufactured footwear, Fred Martin, looks for the success reaching the recognition of each one of our customers.

Taking advantage of the evolution and the competence in the industry of the materials that make up the footwear, we make sure that in our manufacturing process the best elements are used so that both the aesthetics and the durability of our product are impregnated with the essence of what we call quality.

Under the premise of revealing passion and effort into each product from the beginning until the customer recive the package, it’s needed to highlight the value of the local products, sometimes considered the best in the world in this sector.

This brand come from a spanish shoemaker family and the desire of creating a trending product with high quality and design. We are talking about a firm created to gratify to all those men that want to change the world.

In addition to this, we would like to express we enjoy travelling in order to get the maximum inspiration from the trendiest styles in the present.

Let us inspire you.